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About the Friedrichsbad, optional co-ed bathing, and taking German precision with a grain of salt

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My wife and I went to the Friedrichsbad spa last Sunday, March It was an amazingly relaxing and freeing experience. The Spa entrance is elegant and inviting. After you go through the turnstile, we immediately looked for a changing stall wrong move! Instead, if the lockers are all closed, make an upside down U walk around the stalls you see first, and there is a whole set of EMPTY stalls AND lockers on the other side! Enjoy, take it in. And especially stay as long as you want in the Relaxation step.

Despite all of the precision of numbered steps, this experience is a glorious hours we took four of the most wonderful life experience. Hi Dan, thank you so much for taking a moment to advise and encourage. On a personal note, I too found your comment motivating. This sounds like an very relaxing experience.

We are considering a trip to Germany in the near future. Could be very embarassing if that happened amidst all the changing temperatures etc. What I can tell you is that this is not an erotic environment. When everyone is naked and there are no sexual overtones, what you see becomes "normal". Admittedly, I was in one pool looking out, valiantly not staring in any one place, and I started feeling aroused but I just stayed longer in the pool and started thinking of something else before moving on.

In the four hour we were there, I saw one guy — probably 19 years old — going from a hot pool to a colder, semi-erect. No one gave it a second thought. My wife and I went to Friedrichsbad a couple of years ago.

After eleven days of walking all over Bavaria, the scrub massage and soaking was heaven to our legs. We had a wonderful experience, the facilities were gorgeous,and the nudity was not an issue after the first five minutes. When in Germany, do as the Germans do. It was such a great experience, we changed our plans and spent an extra night in Baden Baden so we could go back to the baths the next morning.

I wish they could move it here to the States. We would go regularly. It is unfortunate to humilate our man kind and expose our private parts to each other. Our creater has prevented us from doing such unethical and unpleasant thing yet, we are disopaying him. I could not tolaterate a moment when I went to a spa in California and saw naked men walking around. I do not know why we have to be naked to enjoy bathing, why not to cover the private parts and do everything we want to do.

It might seem strange, but the Germans believe it is unsanitary to wear clothes into such places. There is so much heat and water that germs can flourish, especially if they are trapped close to the body. In order to keep the bathing zone hygienic, only nude bodies are allowed after people have scrubbed themselves clean in the shower, of course.

Hey Jenna, Posted a while back and since have been to a sauna in Stuttgart. I went after a beer fest and was needing to clense. As a relatively young guy i got very aroused and my female friend had to stay with me in the pool for longer than should!! And it was the best way to get over the beer!

Hi Dan, welcome back! And thanks for again sharing the male perspective. There were a couple of sauna situations that felt awkward for me because of the small room size, which mostly happened in hotels. To sit just a few feet across from people, with strangers next to me on both sides, always felt weird.

I much prefer the baths with larger saunas attached! I went there in and loved the experience. I wanted to make sure I remember the name of the spa and it is why I am here. As a German living in the US, I have found that Americans are very prudish when it comes to many things, especially nudity.

The German baths are all about relaxation and not erotic experiences. It seems to natural in Europe, but uncomfortable in America. We are headed here in 3 weeks, but confused about the pricing we saw on the website. What was the cost in USD for your experience? Hi Majid, unfortunately, no, but you can use parts of the Caracalla spa instead, which is practically next door. Traditionally, Germans believe it is unhygienic to wear clothes or bathing suits in saunas and mineral water baths.

Great post — I would love to try a nude spa sometime! So far my mixed nudity experience has been limited to beaches. Have you been to a nude or topless beach? If so, how does it compare to being nude in a spa? I was really quite self conscious to begin with. My wife and I went together, though she was unable to go into the saunas or steam room.

After a very short time, it seemed completely natural to be naked. The soap scrub was a bit challenging, starting with lying on my back. My wife was also very relaxed after a short period of time and we both felt strange at having to put our clothes back on and a little disappointed that the whole experience was over so quickly….

Time may fly when your having fun, but it really flies, when your naked with a bunch of other naked people taking saunas and spas. The culture about nudity is totally different here. It is not at all an erotic experience. There were people of all ages and shapes and sizes, and no one could care less about it.

We have just cancelled our trip to Venice so we can stay longer in Baden-Baden…. Enjoy the rest of your stay. And basically just fell in love with this town. It is just beautiful. We visited Baden Baden in We knew what to expect from watching the Rick Steves travel programs.

My wife is notoriously modest. When we arrived, I encouraged her to go to the Caracalla Spa where people wear swim suits. Left limp as wet rags. We came home and she told family and friends about it. Hi Mike, good to know that even the most modest among us can take the plunge and come back with positive reviews!

Quick question, are there same number of males and females? Do they only allow couples or can single men or women also come in? What do you suggest being a single is it fine to go there? May have missed it, but… glasses. Are they an issue? Two potential annoyances to consider: Thanks for the post!!

My husband and I went this past weekend and your tips really helped to give me a little bit of a better idea what to expect especially the whole being nude part. I even wrote about our own experiences on our blog. Feel free to check it out! I went to Friedrichsbad with trepidation. My husband had suggested this as a once-in-a-lifetime European experience. Part of me was excited, part scared to death. We intentionally went on a mixed day, so we could do it together.

I almost ran for my life on entering the changing area, but once nude and in the showers, I decided just to go with it and enjoy. It was great fun. Very relaxing and stimulating to the skin. Sure, a few are oblivious to the rest of the world as in any setting. Most are looking, yet are discreet. I must admit, that was me.

I snuck a few peaks around, and noticed others doing the same. One guy really looked me over. Reading posts on Tripadvisor makes clear that on some weekend evenings, it can be much more sexual, so be aware. Thanks, Jan, for this perspective. Good point that the timing of the visit might affect the mood. I had never been in a situation like this before and obviously I had many of the same anxieties as others have already talked about — I worried about a lot of people my friend inparticular seeing me nude, about the size of my penis and obviously about getting aroused.

I was pretty terrified as soon as I got nude and I was using my hands to cover myself up. But after about 20 or 30 minutes I had completely forgotten the fact that I was naked and I felt totally natural.

And my friend explained it happened frequently. There are about 20 different saunas there or all different themes and sizes. After the first 10 mins neither my wife or myself were worried about being naked.

It is amazing how quickly you get used to it. Being naked in this environment is certainly something that we want to explore again soon. We absolutely loved the freedom that it provided. My wife and I went to this spa over the weekend. Being from the UK we are not used to nude bathing but we soon got into it and both loved it. It was so liberating and felt free.

My wife loved being cocooned up in sheet and blanket at the end. We loved it so much we went twice, both on mixed days. And did I read that someone smacks you on the bum after your scrub? Was that a joke? I went to a spa in Keil Germany 2 years ago. Hello Jenna, Found your blog as I was researching spas. My wife and I will be in Bavaria in a couple weeks and are looking at spending at least one day at a spa. Regarding the 17 stages at Friedrichsbad spa, on a mixed day, are stages 10 and 11 the only stages when I will see my wife?

Hi Randy, On mixed days you can be with your wife the entire time. Furthermore, my wife is not willing to join me. Planning to visit during late this month. Hi Ashok, On the day that I visited there were people of several ethnicities. Not a majority, but a handful. I hope you have a good time. For example, long sleeves are common for both genders, and while the wearing of a knee- to floor-length skirt or a knee- to floor-length dress tends to be associated with female dress, ankle-length trousers are associated with male dress.

Hairdressing in some societies may also conform to a dress code, such as long hair for women and short hair for men. In many societies, particular clothing may be a status symbol , reserved or affordable to people of high rank. For example, in Ancient Rome only senators were permitted to wear garments dyed with Tyrian purple ; and, in traditional Hawaiian society, only high-ranking chiefs could wear feather cloaks and palaoa or carved whale teeth.

In China before the establishment of the republic, only the emperor could wear yellow. In , former U. This would cause the students to get to know one another by their personality and who they really are rather than the clothes they wear.

Military, police, and firefighters usually wear uniforms , as do workers in many industries. School children often wear school uniforms , while college and university students sometimes wear academic dress. Members of religious orders may wear uniforms known as habits. Sometimes a single item of clothing or a single accessory can declare one's occupation or rank within a profession. In many regions of the world, national costumes and styles in clothing and ornament declare membership in a certain village, caste, religion, etc.

A Scotsman declares his clan with his tartan. A French peasant woman identified her village with her cap or coif. A Palestinian woman identifies her village with the pattern of embroidery on her dress. Clothes can also proclaim dissent from cultural norms and mainstream beliefs, as well as personal independence. George Sand in men's clothing, female emancipationists in bloomers , male artists in velvet waistcoats and gaudy neckcloths. Bohemians , beatniks , hippies , Goths , Punks , and Skinheads have continued the countercultural tradition in the 20th-century West.

A Jewish or Muslim man may display his religious affiliation by wearing a cap and other traditional clothing. Many Muslim women wear head or body coverings see sartorial hijab , hijab , burqa or niqab , chador , and abaya that proclaim their status as respectable women and cover the so-called intimate parts.

A Jewish man may indicate his observance of Judaism by wearing a kippah. Traditionally, Hindu women wear sindoor , a red powder, in the parting of their hair to indicate their married status; if widowed, they abandon sindoor and jewelry and wear simple white clothing. However, this is not true of all Hindu women; in the modern world this is not a norm and women without sindoor may not necessarily be unmarried.

In many Orthodox Jewish circles, married women wear head coverings such as a hat, snood , or wig. Additionally, after their marriage, Jewish men of Ashkenazi descent begin to wear a talit during prayer. Men and women of the Western world may wear wedding rings to indicate their married status, and women may also wear engagement rings when they are engaged.

In New Guinea and Vanuatu , there are areas where it is customary for the men to wear nothing but penis sheaths in public - this is uncommon in more developed areas. Women wear string skirts. In remote areas of Bali , women may go topless. In America and some parts of Europe, there are nude beaches.

In the United States , a few businesses or restaurants display dress code signs requiring shoes and shirts, claiming to be there on account of a health code, [ citation needed ] although no such health codes exist. However, no such laws exist. It is quite uncommon for people to be nude in public in the United States and in many circumstances, it is illegal.

Many states and cities have laws and ordinances for indecent exposure and sometimes nudity can overlap with disorderly conduct. However, there are a few private beaches and resorts that cater to people who wish to be naked. It emerged as a reaction to the idea that it was socially acceptable for men to appear without a shirt in public, whereas a woman appearing topless in public would be construed as indecent. The remainder of states consider the exposure of the female nipple to be an act of indecent exposure, putting them in a position where they can be charged with a criminal offense.

This appears to be a gendered law that promotes different expectations on how a person is expected to dress when in public. The Gender Nondiscrimination Act prohibits employers, health care providers, and housing authorities from discriminating against people on the basis of gender.

While employers are not able to discriminate in their hiring practices, they do have the ability to create a gendered uniform.

Employers cannot force someone to wear a uniform for a gender they do not identify themselves as, but this becomes an issue for non binary gendered people. In society, clothing is marketed by gender and dressing across this established line is often construed as an anomaly. Skirts, dresses, and high heels are clothing marketed almost exclusively for women.

If a man wore any of these pieces in public it would be seen as outside of the norm. Private organisations may insist on particular dress codes or standards in particular situations. Dress codes function on certain social occasions and for certain jobs. A military institution may require specified uniforms ; if it allows the wearing of plain clothes it may place restrictions on their use. A "formal" or white tie dress code typically means tail-coats for men and full-length evening dresses for women.

The uniform may consist of various items that are appropriate length and style depending on what the school suggests: Some schools have each grade assigned a color type which communicates what grade the student is currently in. That way if a student is lost someone is able to figure out what grade they are in just by looking at the color of their shirt.

If the student is younger, older students and faculty are able to look out for them and make sure they are safe. Organisations which seek to maintain standards of modesty have difficulties with sheer and see-through clothing.

Dress codes usually set a lower limit on body covering. However, sometimes it can specify the opposite: Dress code nights in nightclubs, and elsewhere, are deemed to specifically target people who have militaristic fetishes e.

Dress codes were first implemented in the school system to prevent students from wearing inappropriate clothing items to school and was thought to create a safer and more professional environment. Even though dress code was created to positively affect schools, the rules actually impede on students' right to self-expression.

There have been many court cases regarding school dress code, the first being the Tinker vs. Des Moines Independent School District. The case was held because students wore black armbands to protest the Vietnam war. In some grade schools, students are prevented from wearing short shorts, leggings, crop tops, saggy pants, and other clothing items that are deemed "too revealing" or "inappropriate".

In colleges, the most common type of dress code is business casual, but most colleges don't have dress code requirements. Non-communicative dress code violations in public schools are violations that are without implications of hate, gang-affiliation, etc. In cases where dress code rules in public school systems have been violated by noncommunicative clothing, courts repeatedly legitimise dress code discrimination based on gender.

White collar work place clothing has changed significantly through the years. In a corporate office, appropriate clothes are clean, business casual clothes such as for men a dress shirt , polo shirt , and trousers , or other similar outfits.

Voor de zeer persoonlijke stijl in de badkamer.

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