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But, i f you're six inches or more closed you've got a serious problem. He could have stopped at the 16 th pole for a cup of coffee and still won handily.

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Deek is internationally known for the cool little houses he builds. He has a popular You Tube Channel and has written a book on the subject. Deek tells Snyder's Stoughton, "They're airing two episodes for now, and then going to see how people respond. We got official word from the Scripps network and my production company Gurney Productions- the one's who created Duck Dynasty and others.

Preventing targeted violence, responding to dangerous behaviors, safely re-integrating students following mental or behavioral health treatment, visitor threat assessment and securing large spaces during crisis were all explored by local and national experts at Norfolk County District Attorney Michael W.

There was something here for every level of these organizations. Three members of the Secret Service addressed research-based strategies for preventing targeted violence in grades Kindergarten through Director of School Health Services for the state Dept.

DA Morrissey partnered with the Mass Teachers Association to provide continuing education credits to teachers. My old friend Steve Costello and the Bank of Canton sponsored this event. The officer tried to make the stop and the guy ran. There was short chase up Route north. He tried to make a right onto Lincoln Street at a high rate of speed and lost control and hit Rockland Trust Savings Bank.

The last charge came when Thompson jacked on his brakes in an attempt to have officers crash into the rear of his car. He did that several times during the chase. Striking, killing pregnant woman. A Norfolk Superior Court jury has found a year-old Sharon woman guilty of motor vehicle manslaughter while intoxicated for striking and killing a pregnant woman on a Stoughton Street in July of , according to Norfolk District Attorney Michael W.

She faces a minimum mandatory sentence of 5 years. One of her last acts was calling out to her son to run to safety. The District Attorney praised the investigation by Stoughton and Massachusetts State Police, assisted by members of his motor vehicle homicide unit. We depend on our police partners to put strong cases together.

We will send a Christmas Care package ton them on behalf of all Stoughton residents thanking them for their service and sacrifice. The service person does not have to be overseas to receive a package, just away from home.

They arrested two people, and confiscated two guns in the home. One was stolen out of CT. They also found 11 grams of heroin, enough for trafficking charges. State Police are at the Stoughton Police Station right now, helping with the paperwork.

Both suspects were arrested and are in the Stoughton Police lockup, and will soon go into Stoughton District Court. Arrested were Isaiah Teixiera, 29, of 97 Pratt's Court, who was charged with two counts of possession of a large capacity firearm, possession with intent to distribute class a drugs, receiving stolen property, possession of a firearm in commission of felony, possession of ammunition, and possession of drugs within a school zone.

Shastany said, "The detective bureau, led by Det-Sgt. Welch and the detectives, have been working diligently to rid our community of these dealers. I'm very proud of our efforts and our partnerships. Brandao, left, and Teixiera, right. Courtesy of Stoughton Police Department. The 70 year old owner, Tony Mariano , was repeatedly hit in the head and face with a stapler and other items taken off his desk. Police arrested a 16 year old punk from Stoughton on Wednesday, charging him with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, armed assault to rob a person over 60, assault and battery of a person over 60, armed robbery and conspiracy, according to Deputy Chief Robert Devine.

Mariano was being nice to the kids, as he was ready to close and opened his door because the kids said they needed something. Stoughton Police arrested a second teen on Thursday night in the brutal robbery.

Devine told Snyder's Stoughton a year old Brockton youth was arrested and was charged with the same as the sixteen year-old. Kudos to the police department for quickly solving this crime.

And, wishes for a quick recovery to Mariano, a legendary figure around Stoughton, and a very nice guy. The only free speech embraced by progressive socialists and cultural jihadists is that which they accept and approve. This is despicable but one can expect this abhorrent behavior from the enemies of Liberty.

The show -- and the fight -- goes on chuckleheads! Yesterday, August 24, , Stoughton Police received witness calls that a white male was being beaten in the middle of Porter St by four or more black males. The alleged assailants then fled into an address on Porter St. McGowan attempted to talk to one of the suspects through an open window to end the conflict peaceably, but the suspect refused to come out or let officers in.

In a sudden movement, the suspec The victim was located and it was found that he had been robbed of his Nike Air Jordan sneakers and his cell phone. Both were recovered in the house and several other suspects were identified: Deputy Chief Robert Devine recognized the good work of Lt.

Bob says the Class of is very proud of Mike. According to Wikipedia, Michael "Mike" Viola born September 26, is an American singer-songwriter best known as singer, songwriter and "musical architect" of a team he called the "Candy Butchers", a pop-rock band from New York City that recorded three critically-acclaimed albums for Sony.

Viola simultaneously began a career in film work as the co-producer and lead singer of the Oscar-nominated title track from Tom Hanks 's That Thing You Do! Reilly as Dewey Cox, featuring nearly a dozen songs written by Viola. Recorded live at Largo in L. Once made available on his official website, the album, released as a long-playing vinyl album with a CD copy included, sold out in three months. In , he joined the 9th annual Independent Music Awards judging panel to assist independent musicians' careers.

He has taken part in a compilation album released on November 15, by Engine Room Recordings. On the album Mike covers Round and Round by Ratt. The rumors have been flying around for awhile about a large company coming to Stoughton.

Because of a number of state Mass Office of Business Development and local tax breaks one of which, a TIF--needs to be ratified at an upcoming town meeting , the national company will be investing three million dollars in improvements on the site, and bringing in 17 million dollars in personal property!

Capitol investment in the facility will total over 20 million dollars including 3 million in real estate improvements and 17 million in machinery and equipment. The year with the largest exemption has already passed. The town will benefit from real estate growth in FY or Personal Property growth will not be lost, only deferred.

Amazon plans to lease , square feet for a package handling facility in Stoughton. They anticipate it being operational in Q4 of I just wish the two downtown articles had passed at Town Meeting. They responded to fear and hysteria. The location of such a prominent national company should have a ripple effect on the community, bringing in high paid employees, who may look for higher-priced homes in the town.

C by PMPNetwork. Hung Jury Declared in Stoughton murder. Brassard has declared a mis-trial in the trial of John M. Rooney for the Feb. Kontsas was 78 when he was stabbed to death in his home on Mara Circle in Stoughton.

He had come to the defense of his wife, who was being assaulted by a man who had forced his way into the home, and gave his life to save hers. She testified at trial. Morrissey said after the jury was released. Rooney, age 50, remains held without bail. The jury heard six weeks of testimony and deliberated for seven days but was not able to come to a unanimous verdict.

They were released from service at approximately noon, Friday, July 3, The Stoughton School Committee and the Stoughton Teachers Association are pleased to announce that the School Committee voted to ratify the teachers' contract at a special school committee meeting held on Thursday, June 26th. Carol Brown joined Dr. Erdem Ural, Joaquin Soares and Katy Pina-Enokian to ratify the same contract that had been deadlocked at at the last vote on May The joint announcement came after the suit was officially dropped on July 1st.

The bond between teachers, students and parents is strong. We cannot overstate how meaningful the outpouring of parent support has been during these negotiations. Carol Brown for voting to ratify this settlement and move our schools forward," said Pires. As part of the deal, the STA agreed to withdraw the pending lawsuit that was filed in Superior Court over the Town and School Committee's unlawful withholding of step increases.

School Committee Chair Dr. This contract is a great deal for Stoughton. I am looking forward to a productive relationship between the School Committee and its employees. I know the teachers love their students and their jobs and would never compromise the children no matter what the reason.

It is now time to make Stoughton schools better than they ever were. We're pleased to move forward and return in September with the negotiations resolved. He got together an amazing array of talent, and rented the auditorium of Stoughton High School for June 21 st, with the blessing of the Stoughton School Committee, who waved the rental fee, and charged him only the custodian fees. He got one of the top singers in the country, Portuguese singing sensation Michelle Romeiro.

The 70 or so people who sat and watched the show were loud and appreciative. As the emcee, I could feel the energy from the crowd, and it was the energy of a crowd ten times. No one from the administration attended. No teachers, from special education, or any other subject, attended. No member of the school committee attended. Growing up with a disability is not an easy thing for anyone.

We both had to deal with the bullying, name calling, and getting pushed around through childhood. Sometimes kids can be cruel. We had to stand up for ourselves and accept the fact we were a little different than most kids. Once you do that, things get better and easier. You learn that giving up is not an option. Tommy and I both survived a tough road earlier in our lives, and we now walk with our heads held high.

We are both proud men who have earned every bit of respect and integrity we have today. We want to thank all of you that came out Saturday night. Romeiro and Rock Steady worked for no charge.

Ed McGee Audio got paid for sound and lights. SMAC recorded the festivities and will be replaying it on cable, and their internet on demand.

He also sent her emails, reminding her of the night, and updating her. When he went to get the envelope on Friday, it was still sealed! Miller opened it up, removed two tickets, and put in 40 dollars. That was the total donated by any school-related parties. However, I'm not certain the community knew they could buy tickets at the high school office. What a shame to let an opportunity go by. If just a couple of hundred people came, a substantial donation could have been made.

We got there early thinking the show would be sold out. Steve Sweeney was fun, as usual, and the band was greatlots of energy. Ederm Ural , Chairman of the School Committee, said that the Superintendent should have sent reminders to the Committee. I had promised to stop by the Portuguese club after that. I wanted to go to that too, but it slipped my mind. I wish I got a reminder. Not blaming anyone but myself.

It has become a hate filled society and I cannot participate in that without sinking to the level of those spewing the hate. I owe no one an explanation of my whereabouts as long as I am doing my job. There is always more than one side to a story. There are really no excuses. If you approve an event to benefit your school system, you should be there, or at least be represented. Superintendent Rizzi or Assistant Superintendent Ford should have been there. Principal Miller should have been there.

The special education administrator Heather Tucker and her staff should have been there. School Committee members should have been there. It would have helped if even just a representative from each showed up. They are at every school committee meeting, including the one that approved the event.

They are constantly looking for more money. Being self reliant is a foreign language to those people. Maybe there were advertisements at the high school, but I was unaware that the event happened. Resident Marilyn Rabinovitz wondered if it got enough promotion. Had I known I along with some friends probably would have gone. Another reason why Stoughton is such a wonderful place! Well, we give kudos to Kidd and DeAndrade for their efforts.

After all, the special education students deserve an event of their own. I probably should have. I also asked the superintendent what we need do to prevent someting like this from happening again.

The superintendent is in the view that this was not a school sponsored event, and school department had no responsibility to promote it. Her secretaries are very busy, and do not have time to send reminders for non-school sponsored events in school facilities. In my opinion, this event was a fundraiser for the school department and should have been treated as a school sponsored event. It is a shame we all dropped the ball on this. I will make sure it is on the agenda for next regular meeting.

Faria said that players actually took part in the games. Everyone had an amazing time and shared their love of Jake. To the continuing sorrow of his family, friends, and everyone who ever met him, Jake was tragically killed in an off-campus apartment fire in Amherst on January 21, at the age of This soccer tourney, along with a golf tournament organized by his UMass friends, are ongoing. Year two was even bigger than year one. Twenty one teams up from sixteen last year, and players!

I think Frank Faria outdid himself! Daddy's Dairy provided slush, a DJ played music, and we had lots of raffles. Her voice is amazing! The majority of players knew Jake or knew someone that knew Jake. It was so much fun, more like a reunion than anything.

We are happy to have them as part of our lives. Kudos to Frankie Faria , who created this event, and has made it flourish. Bring Towels and bathing she birthday of our nation by having water slides, obstacle courses, moonwalks, games, prizes, entertainment, a magician, and more fun for all ages.

There will be bicycle and doll carriage decorating contests from 10 a. Winners receive trophies and are invited to participate in the Parade on Saturday! Plenty of food will be available for purchase. Andrew alerted his mother and they both sprang into action.

Mom got the garden hose fixed on the fire and Andrew quickly dialed Hourigan called the school and wanted Andrew recognized for his efforts. Their accomplishment will be a benefit for their students and their SPS colleagues for years to come. Leah Amaru, Literacy project: Photo left to right: The lawsuit seeks damages owed under the statute including payment of step increases plus triple damages and attorney costs.

Hartman to have voted down this contract. Finance Committee Analysis of School Budget. Town Manager Michael Hartman may be a no-show on weekends he's in faraway Canton , but he showed up to squash a contract which was crafted by a paid mediator for the town and the Stoughton Teachers Association last week.

Whether it was a good contract or not depends on who you talk to, but when one is mediated between two sides and a compromise is approved by both parties, it seems odd that the Town Manager who had NO part in the negotiations voted to squash it. A local superintendent of schools told me it was not. A former Town Manager told me it was. So, I guess it depends on what side of the argument you come down on. For me, I just thought that a mediator—who was paid for with town and union money—could be trusted to make a compromise acceptable to all parties.

But, Hartman had the right to kill it, and he did, with the help of School Committee members Dr. Carol Brown and Joyce Husseini. On May 21, the Mass. Department of Labor Relations issued a decision against the Stoughton School Committee for unlawfully withholding teacher step increases. Their votes apparently will make the town liable for relatively large payments to settle the matter of the illegal withholding of teacher's earned step increases. Given the facts as they have been reported, these votes appear to indicate a significant level of incompetence on the part of those people voting against the contract settlement.

We understood how the labor board may react, but we had to take that chance. I contacted Michael Hartman , but never heard back from him. Still, he was rewarded with an amazing contract during the waning moments of the John Anzivino days.

He is now contracted with the Town through June 30, He gets 20 days of vacation which can be accrued up to 2 weeks a year , one personal leave day, up to 5 days of bereavement leave, and 12 paid holidays. Hartman can terminate his contract with 60 days notice. The new members of the school committee gave up too much.

It would have been five million dollars out of whack over the course of the contract. What are we going to do, lay off firemen and policemen to pay it? As a town we can't get out of our own way. As a government we start from a position of one that is adversarial rather than one of working towards fiscal responsibility with the greatest return on investment. There is blame to be spread all around this town from elected officials to those who elect them. Stop being the butt end of every joke.

The staged holier than thou attitude of those who voted no and the vote of the Town Manager made a mockery of the bargaining process and showed a tone deafness unlike I have ever seen by local elected officials to the message that was sent in the Town Election. Attorney and active Town Meeting member Barry Crimmins wrote, simply, " Sad state of affairs in this town right now!

Things need to change with our elected officials, and fast! Ural made an offer that just ignored all of our previous work. He really tied our hands. This was not something the STA asked for. There is normally give and take. I find that outrageous. Another interesting development at that May 27 school committee meeting was the Stoughton School Committee adopting a "hiring freeze" by a vote Ural, Pina-Enokian, and Soares in the affirmative.

Marguerite Rizzi hires most everyone, they theoretically tied her hands. Hartman wants to cut the school budget. So, we need to have a Plan B. I said it during the making of the motion, and they proceeded without asking legal counsel. In , the attorney and I worked with then-Town Manager Frank Crimmins to come up with a proposal he could accept.

Some town managers are involved. When we reached agreement, we hoped to move forward with labor peace. We had agreed to withdraw our complaints and now that it was voted down, it could cost the town 1. This will lead to more unfair labor practice charges.

These penalties will come out of the general fund, not the school budget. It is very disappointing. They cited no specific reason. So, who knows what will happen. Posted on June 3, 9 p. Photos by Mark Snyder. Equally important is that is much more than given to the other unions on the town side and the other school unions.

Year 2 FY Year 3 FY Equally important is what the students and taxpayers are getting in exchange for these increases. Al though, the teachers have agreed to now have an 8 period day — they are STILL only teaching 5 periods and that has not changed.

In actuality, The teachers will teach 5 periods, 1 period for prep, 1 period for collaboration and 1 period of other duty i. Teaching is a very difficult job and I give them all the credit they deserve BUT there is a limited pot of funds and all town operations and staff need to be supported.

I am writing to set the record straight. A nurse is listed twice and her salary was counted twice. A teacher is listed twice once under her maiden name and the other time under her married name and her salary was counted twice. Two teachers who have resigned are still listed and their salaries are still counted.

Two teachers who have submitted irrevocable letters to retire in June, are listed as employees through FY ' Eight teachers who work part-time are listed with full-time salaries. Urol Responds to Boykin Addendum: Please publish this statement after hers. It seems, for reasons I do not understand, Ms. Response to Boykin from Ken Kalen from J.

Sadly, I am not surprised by her inaccuracy since incorrect figures seem to be floating all around Stoughton these days. As an elementary school teacher I can say, without hesitation, that any first grader knows that when adding a series of numbers you do not double count the numbers. The reason that Hartman was able to vote on a school committee matter was that he claimed to be involved in the negotiations through HR Manager Jamie "Shadow" Kelley. But, at the meeting, Kelley said he was a "resource" to the negotiations, and was "not acting as a representative for anyone.

As a government we start from a position of one that is adversarial rather than one of working towards fiscal responsibility with the greate st return on investment. If you want to get the contract approved, hold the meeting on a weekend.

Waldo will be in faraway Canton. From the days with the grotesque fence that surrounded the dilapidated building, to the days of plywood jungle, to the more modern times where locally-drawn art covers the plywood, this building has been waiting WAY TOO LONG for a makeover. There will be a redevelopment of the Malcolm and Parsons block, which previously contained the Cheng Du Chinese Restaurant.

This area downtown on Washington Street is one of the first places that traffic from Easton, Taunton, and Raynham passes through when going through Stoughton. It has most certainly been a HUGE negative for the past several years. Crimmins says that they need Planning Board approval to move ahead.

The continuance of the hearing on the approval is June Ever since the fire and flood, everyone including me have been complaining about the plywood jungle. Add to this the work of the Stoughton Redevelopment Authority to try to renovate the Stoughton Train Station, and put a restaurant there; and the work of former Selectman John Stagnone and his group which is trying to refurbish and reopen the State Theatre in downtown Stoughton, and there is much to look forward to in the future.

The decision orders the School Committee to pay step increases retroactive to September 1, with interest. The teachers, however, have offered to waive its right to collect interest on the step increases as part of the overall contract.

More importantly, if the school committee does not ratify the agreement, the teachers will be forced to proceed with the non-payment of wage class action lawsuit against the Town for the unlawful withholding of step increases. Under the Massachusetts Wage Act, the Town would be liable for triple damages. Teachers are willing to forego the interest and triple damages from the unlawful withholding of our step increases, but a school committee vote against the contract on Tuesday evening would cause us to move forward with our Wage Act lawsuit.

The Board of Selectmen have the authority to direct the vote of the Town Manager. A case that dates back to the days of former Norfolk County District Attorney and current Congressman William Keating has finally hit the courtroom this morning.

He had pled not guilty at his Stoughton District Court arraignment the following morning and was ordered held without bail by Judge Paul Dawley at that time. Michael Morrissey has stuck wi th Wilson as the case prosecutor. Published on May 19, 5: Stoughton Teachers Association president Andrea Pires was relieved that the long trek toward a contract was over.

We look forward to building a collaborative, functional relationship with the school committee. Teachers are thrilled that we can focus exclusively on what we love to do best - teach. New School Committee Chairman Dr. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the STA team for being very cooperative, and agreeing to an excellent deal for Stoughton.

I am excited about other benefits our children will reap. These include an 8 period schedule and an increase in teacher-student contact time in high school, and flexible time. This has only helped to restore our faith in the school system. Thank you to both parties for making this a top priority.

It shows that when a community comes together, we can make small changes that really make a difference. Most importantly, I see the tentative agreements as the start of a positive and productive relationship with our teachers. Erdem Ural is new Chair of School Committee,. Official results have not been compiled yet by the Town Clerk, but Snyder's Stoughton can now safely say that all incumbents lost in Stoughton tonight.

My guess is that Dr. Erdem Ural will become the next School Committee Chairman. It's also apparent that the actions of the Stoughton Teachers Association, and activist parents on Facebook took out both incumbent school committee members.

I would say that the biggest winner of the night was Dr. Erdem Ural, who will become school committee chair. Rizzi, who will now have to deal with Erdem. My guess is that T. Recupero will be the newest Chairman of the Board of the Board of Selectmen. The Building, built in , is on the National Register of Historic Places and has been described as the most significant public building in Stoughton. The Stoughton Redevelopment Authority SRA is negotiating with a private developer who is proposing to open a restaurant at the historic station located on Wyman Street in the downtown area.

This action by the SRA is intended to jump-start the revitalization of downtown Stoughton. Massachusetts General Law Chapter B allows municipalities, through their Redevelopment Authority acting as an Urban Renewal Agency, to eliminate and develop substandard, decadent or blighted areas for industrial, commercial, business, residential, recreational, educational, hospital or other purposes.

The Stoughton Redevelopment Authority was asked to facilitate the acquisition and potential redevelopment of the site by the Stoughton Board of Selectmen and Town Manager. The Redevelopment Authority has five members, four of whom are elected to five-year terms and one appointed by the Governor. The SRA is hopeful that redevelopment of the train station which was previously used as a commuter rail depot but has been vacant for several years will signal a turning point for the downtown which has been hit hard by a series of retail closures over the past four years.

Previously, I had reported on an attempted weekend meeting of the BOS to do the same thing. Why was I peeved at the vote? Only the Board of Selectmen know what Waldo is doing for the town. When they took it Monday night the police and fire unions, the DPW union, and the town hall employees unions had no contracts.

Selectman Chairman John Anzivino pointed out that they began negotiating with him last November. They felt he was underpaid. I signed mine knowingly. Did, Waldo not know what he was signing? If the contract was too low, why did he not go to Dover or Westwood and try his luck there? One official who wished to remain anonymous, told me that Mr. Hartman's "trigger point" on his contract comes up in Fall, This was no secret back deal. It was an honest attempt to get an excellent manager what he deserved, and to get some stability in the office.

I posted the story of the 11 p. I credit them for explaining their vote. As I mentioned, all five selectmen supported the new contract. Many people wrote comments under it that were critical of the Board and the town manager. It often has feel good stories about all facets of the town—the schools, the police, the fire department, etc. It has stories about the tragedies that have befallen firefighters, most recently in Boston. I love when the residents put things up on the page.

I thought your article was insightful and well written. I felt it directly affected the members of our department. We all went to the funerals. Ten hours after we got back, they squeeze us again. Town employees were very consoling to all of us. He was posting an article he thought was interesting.

Curtin had requested to speak Monday night before the Selectmen took their vote. But, we DO have one. It changes attitude and morale in the department. People are leaving to go elsewhere. In my 6 years on the Board of Selectmen, we have had 5 different town managers. No organization can function properly with that kind of turnover in the top management position, and Stoughton is no different.

With all the things Stoughton has to deal with now, and in the foreseeable future, keeping the talent of a very capable professional is in the best interests of the town. One official, speaking to me under condition that I not use his name, on April 5, said that "There are always reviews of social networking sites in employment context.

It can be misinterpreted from where it eminates. There will be a policy developed on this. The issue was never to take it down. The site being used had the official fire department logo. They can't be used on a union website for political purposes.

They were never told to take it down, just to rename it. People can't be confused as to where it's coming from. It must clearly say it's coming from the union. Again, the timing was very bad. Selectman Chairman John Anzivino led his Board into giving Hartman five figures, before the fire, DPW, town hall employees, and patrolman's union were given contracts and raises.

That is absolutely despicable. Next Tuesday, Anzivino is running for re-election. I thought he'd top the ticket. I don't think so anymore. Spanky Sousa and Joe Mokrisky should give him a big "thank you. Parents see through their misleading tactics. It is the responsibility of the School Committee to ensure that funding is available for all areas of education. Morrissey provides training and overdose.

Antidote to every Norfolk County Police Department. More than 80 first responders attend. Every police department and most if not every fire department in Norfolk County has now received the needed training to use the opiate overdose reversal drug Narcan, and District Attorney Michael W.

Morrissey bought and divided doses among the police and fire departments to jump start their programs. Now every department is going to have this capacity. It can only save lives. Dan Muse, Quincy Police Lt. Every police department and almost every fire department attended.

When the first responders broke into small groups for demonstrations, several of those presenting were fire personnel from departments already using Narcan who were there on their personal time to help. Those departments either sent additional officers to the training or assisted in conducting it. The Stoughton Police Department announced on March 24, that Smart is now available to all citizens.

Smart allows citizens to create a Safety Profile for their household that includes any information they want and response teams to have in the event of an emergency. When a citizen makes an emergency call, their Safety Profile is automatically displayed to the call taker, allowing them to send the right response teams to the right location with the right information.

Responders can be aware of many details they would not have known previously, and now fire crews can arrive at a house fire knowing how many people live in the home and the location of bedrooms, EMS can be advised of allergies or specific medical conditions and police can have the photo of a missing child in seconds rather than minutes or hours.

With Smart, citizens can link both home and work addresses to mobile phones, which can be passed on to responders in the field for more a detailed, rapid response. Additional information including pets in the home, vehicle details in the event of an accident, and even emergency contacts can all be included in a Safety Profile. All information is optional and the citizen has the ability to choose what details they would like to include.

Smart has been adopted in 33 states and more than municipalities. It has been credited with positively impacting emergency situations across the U.

Citizens are encouraged to create their Safety Profile with Smarttoday to have their information immediately available to Smart is private and secure, is only used for emergency responses, and only made available to the system in the event of an emergency call.

It has been a difficult year. The STA bargaining team has worked many, many tedious hours in an effort to secure a fair and equitable contract. In our attempt, we have called upon our members to help us pressure the School Committee and Superintendent and they have risen to the occasion every time. We have filled the School Committee room on numerous occasions and have boycotted many voluntary activities with the hopes that not only would the School Committee notice all that we do for our students, but the community as well.

We have succeeded in part of our mission. The community has seen what is happening to its teachers and rose in support. There are signs around town showing support, a letter from the SHS student council members, and a private Facebook page with over members backing their Stoughton teachers. While we know this path has not been comfortable or easy, our collective efforts have paid off. In the spirit of good will and in response to the overwhelming support of the community of Stoughton, the STA bargaining team has decided that the boycott on voluntary activities will be lifted effective Monday, March 17th.

The new setup will make it easier for the Stoughton Police to monitor the playground at night. Meanwhile, DPW crews are demolishing the old equipment. Ryan has been an outstanding servant of the town for the last two years, but is leaving to realize his dream of becoming a police officer in Framingham. Our loss is their gain. You're gonna do great!

Sarah Borello , a waitress at the Stoughton House of Brews , is making a national name for herself in the music industry. She works morning and nights for us. Her brother is also a very intelligent musician. She aspires to go places and I think she will. Yet, Sarah is no newcomer to the music scene. Sarah plays both guitar and piano, which has given her versatility to create powerful and emotionally-driven music that touches the soul.

After 10 years of study of classical music as a child, she turned on her heels and picked up a guitar to enter the world of rock. First, the Candidates Forum on Sunday, March 23rd, from p. Debates for School Committee and Selectmen will take place. Unopposed townwide candidates were also invited to speak. Refereshments from Panera Bread will be served at 1: The School Committee debate will run from The Selectmen debate will run from 7: Limited seating is available.

Since the beginning of time, department heads come to the Finance Committee with their proposed budgets, and defend each line through subcommittee and finance committee meetings. They are there to answer the tough questions, and to explain any changes in their number of employees, positions, expenses, etc. There is not a breakdown by position, separately, as in the past. And, with no department heads to answer questions, it makes no sense.

Everyone was quite upset. They can pad departments and there would be no way for us to detect it. I submitted a motion to require everything to stay as it was, and it ended up tied.

Chairman Rick Hill broke the tie by voting against it. The jury is still out to whether these are good or bad changes. But, moving away from transparency is not good for the town. My biggest concern is on the salaries. We have to get it. We need to make sure the budget adds up.

We need to see overtime for police and fire. We will get the information. We will not rubber stamp anything. Colburn also mentioned that Hartman said he was doing the bottom line because the schools do it. Finance Committee member Dr. Hartman is saying that they can all be lumped together as contractual. My understanding is we will not be allowed to talk to the department heads, only the Budget Committee Mr.

He said the bottom lines of the departments were all off. We need more discussion on this. But, it is change and no one likes change. We may reconsider Mr. If so, we may re-instate the subcommittee structure. A message left for Hartman and Kelley was not returned. As a veteran of a full nine year term on FinCom three as Vice Chair , I can tell you that this would not have flown at all when I was there.

This new plan seems about as transparent as the amount of returned phone calls from this town manager--ZERO. On Monday, February 17th, there will be no curbside trash collection in observance of President's Day. Trash collection for President's Day will be scheduled for Tuesday, February 18th in addition to the regular Tuesday collection. This is standard procedure for any holiday. Al l rubbish and recyclables must be curbside by 7 a.

Re yclables are to be separated as follows: We are now able to pick up tubeless TV's and computer monitors with curbside trash but older TV's and computer monitors with tubes CRTs cannot be picked up curbside and must be brought to the transfer station.

Large household appliances metal items must be called into the Public Works for appointment for pickup. The Transfer Station is open every Sunday from 8 a. On Tuesday, January at 5: The suspect was described as being a black male wearing a black sweater, who allegedly showed a gun. He was reportedly driving a silver Xterra and drove off toward Canton.

Canton police were notified of the incident. Stoughton averted more problems when the company that wanted to located a marijuana dispensary in Stoughton was not awarded a license from the State. The closest dispensaries will be in Brockton, Quincy, and Taunton.

Compete List of Proposed Locations. Joyce D-Milton has agreed to co-sponsor legislation introduced by Senator Marc "South Coastal Rail" Pacheco D-Taunton that would require the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to comprehensively review the current and future effects of climate change on the Bay State and to work with municipalities and regional organizations to address potential problems. The bill would also offer grants to municipalities and regional planning services for implementing their own preparations.

I'm feeling relieved about this. Climate change is all our family and friends seem to talk about. The group, led by former selectman John Stagnone, still need to win town meeting support.

Town Manager Michael Hartman is in the middle of implementing a reorganization plan that will impact the Finance Committee in a very negative way. It will also impact other departments, as well. With the financial end of town now reporting to the town manager instead of the auditor, and the hiring of a new sanitarian, I understand the increased demands in the Board of Health.

The logic of this move is understood. Denise, at the moment, is still supporting us. She is a specialized person, with a great grasp on municipal finance, municipal meeting laws, and the Department of Revenue.

Roberto Camacho of the Finance Committee was more direct when she spoke with me on Monday. But, the Finance Committee represents Town Meeting. We review all the budgets and give our recommendations. If we have no secretary, how do we do this?

The employees no longer have a place to eat. This is really sticking it up the butt of the Finance Committee, and by extension, the Town Meeting members, and the residents they represent. The Town Manager has a right to reorganize departments as he wishes.

There is a reorganization going on. Denise was there the other night. Rick was made aware of this change in early November. Long range, they may need to hire someone else. I called Town Manager Mike Hartman for an explanation or reaction to this potential problem resulting from the fallout of his reorganization. He had his Executive Assistant Reggie Kowalczykowski call me with his statement: Meanwhile, Hill says he just received the budget, and without a secretary it will be more challenging to get through it.

Either way, it will cost taxpayers more money. We are supplying a lot more information to Town Meeting than we ever did. The STA has asked to meet with the full School Committee as they do not feel that we are keeping the full committee informed of the offers that have been presented. The Committee has asked me to extend an invitation to Andrea Pires, President of the STA to make the January 27th negotiating meeting an open meeting so that not only will the School Committee be able to hear the offers, but the full membership of the STA the teachers and the public can be present as well.

I have extended this invitation to Ms. Pires and am waiting to hear her response by the end of the school day tomorrow January 23rd. This would allow us sufficient time to post this as required under Open Meeting Law. If they do agree to an open meeting I will follow up with an announcement tomorrow evening.

According to our ground rules, negotiation sesions will be closed to the general public. As you have stated many times, negotiations should be conducted at the negotiation table.

We will see you all there on Monday. As per the ground rules, negotiating sessions are to take place between negotiating teams from each side. Union President Andrea Pires has requested several times to meet with the full School Committee, and in response the Committee issued the invitation waiving the ground rule.

Pires has indicated numerous times that she does not believe that the negotiating team for the School Committee Joyce Husseini and George Dolinsky is representing the union offers fully to the School Committee. Not only is the full committee informed of the discussion of every negotiating session, every piece of paper supplied by the union is distributed and discussed, and the full committee participates in shaping strategies and offers.

The union has chosen to speak publicly on the status of negotiations at five consecutive School Committee meetings and has already used these opportunities to address the full committee and to make their plea to settle the contract. Yet recent negotiating sessions have been spent on extraneous issues not related to the contract offers at the insistence of the union bargaining team.

Negotiations will go forward as scheduled on Monday. There was no progress to report but there was animated discussion. The STA gave a fact sheet to the school committee team. The SC team assured us that they would share it with the full school committee in executive session at their meeting tonight, January 28, Our next session is scheduled for Wednesday, February 5th at 6: We will continue to keep you posted. Thanks for your continued support! Kahan had served as the President of the Randolph Chamber of Commerce, as well.

This morning, December 31st, at approximately 1: The crash involved two vehicles, a Honda Accord and a Ford Edge. The second operator was transported to be medically evaluated and is believed to have sustained minor injuries.

It is far too early to speculate on cause as the investigation remains fluid and on going. He passed the teller a note, according to the Stoughton Police social networking sites, and the teller didn't respond in a manner he'd have liked. Instead of giving him money, she gave him a look. He simply coils a bit and slide steps. For openers, Command means throwing strikes. And then throwing to spots. But never get ahead of yourself.

Just pounding the zone like a piledriver works. Command is generated from two omnipotent words. Often they lack stability. Y ou see it all the time. Major league pitchers throwing off balance and off line.

As we talked about in Simplify, Simplify, Simplify, almost all Balance problems start with your knee raise. Knee raise can be good. It establishes your rhythm and timing and may even add deception. Get into a solid rhythm that gives you momentum. Keep your foot comfortably under your knee. Some pitchers bring their knee up to their letters, some to their waist or lower. My personal preference is to coil to the middle of your body to store energy, help your hips explode, and add deception.

Here's a good shadow boxing drill. Stand in front of a mirror. Do reps to find out how high you can knee raise and still keep perfect balance. When Knee Raise works against Command So far, so good. But now the flip side of the coin.

Knee raise can also be bad. If it rocks you off balance, then knee raise is a negative. Wobbling at the top of your delivery is like pitching in a tornado.

I often see young pitchers jerking their foot up in the air as high as they can and rocking themselves totally off balance. They'd be far better off bringing their knee up to their waist, and then driving and finishing with power.

Coaches should tamp clay in the front of the rubber to eliminate holes. You are delivering energy to the plate. Opening up or Throwing Against Your Body create more problems than a fart in a crowded elevator.

Reps are the workhorses of Command. He must have amazing balance. But I certainly wouldn't recommend it. You d rive down the hill and then shift your weight from back leg to front leg. Then you rotate your hips and shoulders and crack the whip for arm speed. Rotation is the key to Explosion. Throw the ball through the catcher. The Rawlings bursts out of their paw like a nuclear missile. But it seems almost effortless.

How can that be? All those big words. Well, actually, I do. But I'd rather listen to Curly, Moe and Larry. As you may have noticed by now, my basic coaching philosophy is to Simplify. Or struggle to throw harder. But the ball ignites out of their hand as if it has a life of its own.

It starts with athleticism. And that old standby coordination. Athletes make complex movements look far easier than they really are. They are like magicians pulling fastballs out of a hat. And athletic pitchers mobilize their whole body. It all starts from the ground up. This is as crucial as oxygen.

If you want to be a power pitcher or hitter concentrate on squats, lunges, and running stairs, which is my favorite. Strong abs, obliques, lower back and glutes explode the hips. Without hip rotation you are throwing 75 mph batting practice.

Syndergaard uses his body like a master. Add this one to your gig. Billboard here we come. The Legs deliver the hips. The Hips propel the shoulders. The Shoulders whip the arm. The Arm unleashes the ball. The actions are pure biology. And the energy is pure physics. Think about this simple, basic truth. The faster your shoulders rotate the faster you throw the ball.

Record Kopech or Hicks and put them on stop action or slow-mo. You will see an epiphany. As their stride foot lands their shoulders hold the fort, staying closed, but their hips begin to pop.

This creates a separation, like cocking a pistol or loading a sling shot. This is the knockout punch, a Mike Tyson right cross to the jaw.

Their shoulder rotation is a blur. Their arm is suddenly engulfed by a hurricane, breathless, along for the roller coaster ride. Yes, it is violent.

And as powerful as a rocket launch. But it is also wonderfully smooth, somehow relaxed, as if all their being has gathered for an oldtime revival in the Cathedral of the Heater. No Tommy John surgery. That full throttle blitz of shoulder rotation is the difference between 88 and I can't emphasize this enough.

Is this rotation locked into your genes or can it be developed? But you certainly can work on drills to develop quicker, more aggressive, more dynamic rotation. I love that analogy. The faster your shoulders rotate the faster you throw the baseball.

Google him and zero in on a video. His delivery was as ineffable as Brando in The Godfather and Mariano repeated it over and over, unleashing biting 95 mph cutters that broke more wood than a logger.

Don't get this wrong. Rivera made it look easy but he was throwing hard, his arm speed broke the sound barrier, and he did it with zero strain, without muscling up. The ball leaped out of his hand like a blast from a light saber. Power is Strength plus Speed. It's the offspring of rhythm and timing. Or is it a metaphor? The arm is the All-American running back who gets five crushing blocks, runs to daylight, notches the game winning TD, and leaves with the most beautiful cheerleader.

The arm is the star. But, without those killer blocks from his linemen, the RB is a dirt stain on the turf. And, without the legs, the core, and the shoulders, the arm is about as useless as a director without a script. A live arm starts from the bottom up. Medicine ball rotations are as productive as protein.

So are bands and lunges with a twist and crunches. Hold a bar or a bat on your shoulders and rotate back and forth, nice and easy, to strengthen your core. Do whatever you can to increase your rotational power. Each exercise adds a touch more velocity, a tenth of an mph today, another tenth tomorrow. After a few months those tenths start to add up and you are throwing two, three, four, five miles an hour harder.

Rome was built in tenths of a second. And very few players ever pay the price. Would you like to look back in 10 years and wonder how good you could have been? Or would you like to be the Best You Can Be starting right now?

No coach can motivate you. Passan says nearly 60 per cent of Tommy John surgeries are done on teenagers, a staggering truth. He singles out showcases and the incessant desire for velocity. Radar guns trained on infielders throwing across the diamond. Out-of-control pitch counts for arms simply too young to handle the workload. Passan saw boys diagnosed with arm injuries who were so young their adult teeth still weren't fully grown. You name it, these kids had it. And it made me wonder how the Japanese baseball culture can live with itself choosing blind tradition over something as fundamental as the health of children.

Pitch limits to stop overuse. And emphasize command rather than maximum velocity. He's undoubtedly right but pitch counts are common place. I never allowed a Jugs or Stalker at practices because there's no way I wanted pitchers ever thinking about their velocity.

Let it happen gradually and never struggle to overthrow. Quite frankly, there is only one way to protect arms. By better I mean coaches who care more about their players than winning a baseball game. A lot of big league pitching coaches don't have a clue Let's move on to the major leagues where the pitching coaches obviously have it all figured out. They pocket lucrative salaries to keep their guys healthy and they've absorbed more expertise on The Arm than Michael Phelps knows about the breaststroke.

We know they spend days, weeks, months, studying the rotator cuff and the ulnar collateral ligament. They have a Ph. D on stress, recovery and healing. I'm sure they do. If you believe that give me a call. I've got a Ponzi Scheme with your name on it. Is that a dinosaur or the brand name of a new Honda?

Tell me why there are so many Tommy John surgeries and so many pitchers hurt so often their middle initials are DL. If you were an engineer for Ford and the new models kept stalling every 30 seconds do you think the CEO would pat you on the back and say, "No problem. Just keep designing them exactly the same. I'm sure they'll run fine some day. But not until we take a look at the Mariners rotation in But, as Jeff Passan so passionately points out, baseball doesn't seem to give a damn.

Never the slightest discomfort. Not a trace of an arm problem. It took the Florida Marlins to send him to surgery when they pitched Ryan innings in his first three and a half years in the big leagues. What the hell, he was a strong year-old who loved to pitch. Saddle up and ride him. By contrast, we took care of our guys.

We never, and I mean never, had a pitcher get sore. In fact, we had kids come to us with elbow damage and we healed them. Sometimes it took a week, sometimes a couple of months, but we got it right. Apparently, we must have known what we were doing. Never throw two days in a row With the Twins our pitchers tossed two bull pens a week, 40, 60, 80 pitches.

Dempster often threw a century and it made him stronger with supreme command. Throwing bull pens is a superb way to protect the arm. Never threw two days in a row. Tendons and ligaments and muscles all need at least 48 hours to recover. Would you bench press for your chest two days in a row?

Rest is crucial because your muscles and joints need to repair so they can grow and heal. Throwing a baseball with intensity is weight training.

So what do MLB teams do? They throw every day. I have no idea why. It's like NHL teams who go for a morning skate when they're playing that night. If you can figure out why you're a genius. After you pitch or throw a bull pen let your arm HEAL.

If you throw with any intensity when the joints and muscles are still crying out for rest and recovery you will do damage. Micro tears and frayed UCL's that may not show up right away but you can bet your Rawlings they will accumulate.

And then say hello to Tommy John surgery. This is not to say you shouldn't throw. It develops endurance and strength. It's a day off. A day to HEAL. He used them to rehab the elbow. Use Jobe's at home and every day as a warm-up before throwing.

Not just for pitchers. We had pro players teaching teammates how to do Jobe's. This even happened with the Good Doctor's own team, the Dodgers. It has great exercises to keep your arm healthy. Smart pro and college players use them all the time. Just go through your arm action with the exact amount of tension that feels good. And always use tubing to warm up. With the Twins we raked. We scored more runs than the Boston Marathon. And our pitchers spent a lot of time watching from the dugout.

Which meant their arms began to seize up. A tight arm is an injury waiting to happen. So we hooked tubing on the fence next to the dugout. Any time our guys were at the plate for more than five or six minutes our pitcher would get up and use the tubing to keep his arm loose.

Tubing became their saviour. When have you ever seen a big league pitcher do that? Maybe they go into the clubhouse to have the trainer give them an arm rubdown. But mostly I see them in the dugout. Never Throw to Warm-up. Always Warm-up to Throw Before you start playing catch to warm-up you should protect your arm by using Tubing and Jobe's exercises to get loose. This is as important as strapping on your backpack. Do a series of tubing drills, including internal and external rotation and arm action.

Add several Jobe's exercises like front and side laterals, supraspinatus and reverse elbow curls. Don't pick up a baseball until you feel loose and warm. Some teams still have their pitchers running Old School endless poles when they should be concentrating on 40 and 50 yard sprints to increase their Fast Twitch muscle response. Distance running develops slow twitch, just the opposite of what we want.

Fergie Jenkins threw 30 complete games in And they developed the arm strength to fire times without a problem. Developing arm strength with solid bull pens followed by rest is crucial. Or no thinking at all. They hear about pitchers coming back from TJ and throwing harder than they did before the operation.

And they believe the surgery increased velocity. Tommy John surgery does not make you throw harder. Surgery on your arm, which means more than a year off the mound while you rehab.

Or doing Jobe's and tubing right now to strengthen your arm and keep it healthy. Doesn't seem like a tough call to me. You balance throughout your whole delivery. Keep your rhythm and momentum. At the top of your knee raise your foot immediately descends and you begin to move forward. Essentially, your leg moves up and down like a piston. Lunging is not good. Extend your stride fully , without straining. It gives you momentum down the hill and a wide base that eliminates lunging.

Get down the hill with your lower body leading the charge. The upper body is just along for the ride. Your front hip is the point man, the trailblazer. When the hip leads, the gun stays loaded until you pull the trigger and explode.

Your weight shift is gone. And arm throwing is the fast lane to arm trouble. I have no idea why the Tigers didn't correct this obvious problem.

The mantra for a lot of pitching coaches is striding 90 per cent of your height. The stride foot glides forward as far as you can without straining. Keep your Stride Consistent. I've also heard coaches tell pitchers to shorten their stride when they throw a curveball so they can get on top better. You can't be tentative about where your foot is landing--three inches further here, six inches shorter there. Stride the same on every pitch.

Consistency is the mother of control. Tim Lincecum, who's stride was about a foot longer than his height. When you're throwing a bullpen draw a line from your post foot straight toward the plate.

Throw a pitch and then check where your front foot lands. If it's right down the middle, then great. If it's slightly closed an inch or two or slightly open, that's fine. But, i f you're six inches or more closed you've got a serious problem. Jake Arrieta gets a great load and tilt but he's also eight inches against his body and that has made him erratic this season. On the flip side is the RHP who falls off toward first base and opens up way too soon.

Dellin Betances is a classic example. Dellin fights an endless battle with control. Those are a given. Pitchers also load but it's a bit more complicated. You Load as you stride. Here's the Etched in Stone Golden Rule. If you lunge with your head and shoulders your weight shift is long gone and your explosion is a misfire. And arm throwing is a blueprint for Tommy John surgery. Rivera's Perfect Delivery Mariano Rivera gets down the hill with his lower body showing the way.

Leading with your hip is the key to staying loaded. I have no problem with that. When you load with your front shoulder raised a bit and your back shoulder down six to eight inches I think it adds velocity. Most power pitchers tilt. All of pitching involves precise movements either in synch or out of synch. At this crucial moment you must stay loaded until you pull the trigger and explode. But, when a pitcher can feel that elusive moment—in synch, loaded, ready to explode—he can understand power.

This stops you from rushing. Jim Parsons and Kaley Cuoco will understand. Your feet are the base and your head is at the top. Now your weight is balanced There is no hesitation in any of this. Keep your rhythm and FLOW. The pitcher has to feel this.

He can't rush but he also can't hesitate. His weight shifts from back to front in rhythm, in synch, in time. He stays loaded, maintaining balance as he glides forward, holding his center of gravity back slightly, and then, a moment before his stride is complete, he triggers his hips and shoulders and drives to the plate. You don't really think about this-- you feel it.

Start with your arm in throwing position--elbow up and bent at 90 degrees, fingers on top. Rock forward toward the plate and then back to LOAD on your post leg. As you rock back pick up your front foot just a few inches. Then complete your stride, pop your hips and shoulders, and throw about 30 or 40 feet. We're not throwing hard here, just getting the feeling of loading and exploding with rotation and weight shift. You can also shadow box this without throwing. Pedro Martinez, Billy Wagner were both about So how did shrimps like that get so much velocity?

They used an explosive body in synch with an explosive arm. Your legs generate power, your core transmits the message, and your shoulders e-mail your arm. All power starts from the bottom up. It's hard to think about it when you're actually pitching. So you do conditioning drills like medicine ball exercises to make it reflexive.

These aggressive acts trigger your hip rotation. Put a bar on your shoulders and rotate. But most people never come close to reaching their full potential. Billy Wagner was amazing. He was only but I have him on video throwing mph and more at least times. He used his tremendous leg and core strength to pop his hips. Yes, his motion is perfect. Yes, there is little strain in his delivery.

No, he doesn't over-throw. But his arm is swift and aggressive--there's no other way to throw hard. As Rivera demonstrates so well, the genesis of arm speed is the rhythm and timing of a delivery that is in synch and using the whole body to throw the ball. You pop your hips to increase velocity.

Then rotate the bar to simulate your shoulders opening. You can gradually lengthen your stride but be conservative. For younger players use a bat on your shoulders. Finish When you finish, do it with the total commitment of a German Shepherd chewing on a sirloin steak. When a black belt blasts through a board with a karate chop he drives his hand to an imaginary spot six inches below the wood.

Throw the ball through the catcher, through the umpire, through the backstop. Put that image in your mind and you'll commit per cent of your energy into your fastball. Don't be short with your follow through. Drive it through and point it at the catcher. Parallel to the ground. Most big league pitchers follow through with their back foot head high.

Put your nose in the catcher's glove. Pedro Martinez would wrap his hand around the knee. Is it any wonder Pedro was so effective? Don't yank your arm back after you finish. Recoil often means a sore back or shoulder.

Let your arm decelerate smoothly, without recoil. Dempster throwing through the catcher. The Cincinnati Reds playing at home against the Cubs. He lives in an apartment near the park but he should still be in the clubhouse. We talk for a few minutes. Then he asks what I see. Not through the catcher. When we finish I ask him how he feels.

The next day Ryan is brilliant, his best start of the year. His velocity is up two or three mph. His fastball is down, his slider is tight and nasty. He has late life. He wins big, striking out 10 and giving up only three hits in seven innings as the Reds top the Cubs Ryan makes two more starts in September—both as strong as this one.

And throwing through the catcher. So for awhile the Uncle Charley curveball was in danger of becoming Uncle Dinosaur. Clayton Kershaw throws a nose to toes breaking ball that's not just his bread and butter--it's a gourmet meal of steak and lobster. The mystery of the Curveball I've had pitchers tell me they can't throw a curveball but I don't believe it.

It's not some mystical enigma wrapped in a conundrum. It's really pretty simple to learn. When kids start throwing curves they think you spin it with the index finger--but it's the middle finger that applies the action. The knuckle-curve, for instance, is really an effort to get the index finger out of the way.

Place your middle finger parallel with the seam in the horseshoe. You can angle the ball a bit to hook your finger. Experiment--what feels right is right. The classic curveball grip with the middle finger pulling on the seam. The curveball is thrown with the palm facing in as your hand comes past your head. The ball comes out over the index finger as the wrist pulls down.

The middle finger applies the spin. Don't come around the ball and twist your wrist. This is elbow agony. Simply get on top, pull down out front, and follow through. You want the four seams to catch the air.

But this is not the only grip you can try. Make sure you keep your elbow up. When you get on top and pull down you avoid hanging your breaking ball in the eyes of the hitter. Hanging a curveball is like giving a hitter a free pass to his own Home Run Derby. In fact, some pitchers throw their curveball by lifting their index finger off the ball. You want your curveball to break down--not just sideways. The wrist pulls forward without twisting. That protects the elbow and shoulder.

It reduces velocity but it can also induce a bigger break. Big league hitters often swing at pitches in the dirt. Hall of Famer Bert Blyleven in his early days withe the Pirates. Of course, Blyleven must have learned it from us. There are many age old controversies in baseball.

Should Pete Rose be in the Hall of Fame? How many hot dogs could Babe Ruth eat in one sitting? Was Ted Williams really a better hitter than Joe Pepitone? And, of course, the classic enigma. S hould a year-old throw curveballs? There have been endless studies on this and most of them are negative. Curveballs ARE hard on the arm. But so are fastballs. In fact, if you really want to protect your son's arm don't let him throw curves. But also don't let him throw fastballs.

In fact, don't let him throw at all. Maybe you should just keep him in a bubble with John Travolta. I don't mean to be cavalier about this. I'm paranoid about a pitcher's arm no matter what his age. I think it should be taken care of at all times but I'm not convinced that curveballs are the main culprit.

Still, if you are a coach or a parent and you're not sure, then concentrate on change-ups as a second pitch. A good change-up is invaluable. Weight-training without knowing what you're doing. Throwing too many pitches. Pitching two days in a row when your arm is totally vulnerable. They're like lighting a match in a hydrogen factory. They learned this on their own or from an older pitcher. You can stop them from throwing curves in games but, if they're going to fool around with them on their own, it's much better to teach them proper technique to protect their arm.

Pitchers want to have a full arsenal of pitches, including curveballs. They are obviously very effective at any level--and I've seen year-olds with some beauties.

Just make sure the kid is throwing them right and don't let him overdo it. Kershaw loads his breaking ball. Note his middle finger on the seam. I've taught kids 11 and 12 to throw curves and none of them had sorearms. And how do I know there wasn't damage that showed up later in their life? And therein lies the heart of the problem. We can never be absolutely sure about these things--and anyone who says he's sure is a fool.

But life is full of calculated gambles. And, as a coach or a parent, how much risk the pitcher takes is up to you. If you want to eliminate curves from his diet--then feel free. You may be absolutely right. But… Good mechanics, intelligent warm-up and proper rest will eliminate most of the problems in throwing breaking balls.

Bad mechanics are the grand daddy of all arm damage. Nothing will lead to shoulder or elbow damage faster than throwing off balance or off line. There are definite risks in throwing curveballs--but good mechanics reduce them considerably. Teaching the Curveball Baseballs curve because they spin. That's obvious, of course, but understanding spin is what it's all about.

Take a step, pull down with the middle finger, and spin the ball out over the index finger. Spin it to a receiver 20 to 30 feet away--or into a fence or a sofa in the living room. Spin with Proper Arm Action Gradually lengthen this out and spin it with full arm action, just taking a step. Make sure those mechanics are right--elbow up, fingers on top--and spin the ball 30 to 40 feet, maybe 10 to 15 times. Check and make sure there's no elbow soreness.

Flat Ground Curveballs Next step. Throw curveballs on flat ground, nice and easy from your full delivery. Same arm action, pulling down with the middle finger. Emphasize a smooth follow through, pouring your shoulder to the plate. Take it to the Mound Throwing off the mound adds stress to the arm for two reasons: Now he's a pitcher and he's competing. This puts tremendous strain on the elbow and leads to damage.

Keep your fingers on top, palm turned in, elbow up, and pull the ball down out front. It spins out over your index finger like a karate chop or pulling down a window shade. Rowan Wick Joins the Padres category: Balanced, controlled, leading with his hip, getting down the hill There are two very antagonistic camps when it comes to your knee raise. The Hatfields and the McCoys. The Packers and the Bears.

Don't get bored by baseball. Develop the whole athlete. Take a look at "March Madness and You" for the wisdom of the best trainers on this planet. He took shelter under a tree when he was hit by a bolt of lightning. He was a crucial part of our team. One in a billion? One in a trillion?

It seems impossible but it happened 20 years ago in the Congo. All 11 of the Bena Tshadi players tragically died during an electrical storm while the visiting Basanga squad was unscathed.

Apparently African teams were infamous for employing witchdoctors to put a curse on their opponents and many thought this was the reason. The score was so most likely the lightning struck as the players huddled together before the second half began.

But none of the newspaper reports made this clear, citing the Congo civil war for the lack of information. So much for investigative journalism. Woodward and Bernstein, where are you when we need you?

This is the UA of sports. Speed like a flash drive. The skill of a diamond cutter. The power of Kong. The endurance of a marathon runner.

The courage of a boxer. Here is the offense you see too often in the NBA until the playoffs begin. One guy with the ball driving one-on-one. The other four sort of stand around…watching. Are they tired or did they pay to get in? So maybe they get really adventurous and run a pick and roll. A pick and roll. That was old news when Leonardo da Vinci, the Father of Everything, shot jumpers as a point guard against Michelangelo in the Florence Basketball Association.

On the other end of the spectrum is college hoop. Lots of movement on offense and multiple defences. They play man, two or three different zones, a half court trap, a zone press, and they often change them up to force the other team to adapt. Basketball is an extremely physical game but it also has as much mental gymnastics as a physics class at Stanford. And what is the point of this pointless diatribe? You should play more than one sport and basketball is a perfect choice. Basketball develops everything for an athlete.

If you combine hoop with your off season training you will become a better baseball player. Because you will become a better athlete. When I say off season baseball training I mean lifting weights properly and boy is that a topic we have to discuss , agility, flexibility, sprinting, plyometrics, yoga, which has become a mainstay with a lot of pro players, or whatever you can imagine.

Take two or three months off from throwing, or at least a break from bull pens and the mound. Your arm begs for rest to heal and strengthen. And come back to baseball refreshed, energized, and eager to get at it again. Just like it was when you first started playing the game. This is the age of Specialization, with teams going 10, 11, 12 months of the year. It leads to Overuse and Burnout. Two no-hitters in one season. These are three of the top training gurus on earth and they all recommend playing more than one sport.

This makes you a better baseball player because it makes you a better athlete. Cressey is the mentor for some of the top talent in baseball, including Max Scherzer and Corey Kluber, who both have more credentials than a five-star General. Winning the Cy Young award is about as difficult as skating on water but they've both done it twice and Scherzer has another Immaculate Double, two no-hitters in It's time to get kids moving, encourage fun and free play, and discourage early specialization.

It says about 60 million kids from six to 18 play sports in the U. They estimate 70 per cent drop out by age 13, often from stress and burnout. There can be high levels of depression and the inability to complete tasks. Football, ballet, and NFL multi-sport athletes Then the clincher. A full 87 per cent of NFL draft picks were multi-sport athletes. James Andrews, the renowned Tommy John surgeon.

Suffice it to say, if you play basketball or soccer on a team, or just pick-up games, you will improve as a baseball player. He played lacrosse and baseball and he thought he might even be a world class 1, meter or marathon runner. But Walter Gretzky kept telling his son he was a hockey player and Wayne finally gave in. How much did playing baseball and lacrosse help Gretzky become the most prolific hockey player ever?

Of course, we'll never know but he's a classic example of a multi-sport athlete. He popped foot jumpers like they were as easy as shaking hands, he drove to the hole like a tiger, he fed, he battled tenaciously on defence, and he pulled the ball down off the glass. I have video of MJ leaving the floor at the foul line and dunking. His move from last to first in the Preakness was breath-taking. And then, for an encore, he torched the Belmont, winning by 31 lengths, blitzing the mile and a half in 2: I think he knew he was going one and a half miles.

I never pushed him. He could have stopped at the 16 th pole for a cup of coffee and still won handily. And he destroyed the track record by a full two seconds. But no human being has ever come close to that athletic accomplishment. Very few people die past that age. You grimace every time you hear his name and your stomach churns like a blender on overdrive. It all comes down to five golden nuggets.

They zero in like a drone tracking a terrorist. The classic example came when the Seahawks blew the Super Bowl three years ago. Second and goal from the two and Marshawn Lynch pumped to pile drive. So the Hawks throw. Worst call since Hitler invaded Russia.

Belichick, of course, has done his homework and his guys are prepared. And the Lombardi trophy returns to Foxborough. At least not percent of the time.

They get mentally tired. Their resolve dissipates like morning mist in the sunshine. Their brain seeks comfort, not conflict. Doubt seeps in like drips from a faucet. By the fourth quarter or the seventh inning their minds inexorably drift and the game is gone. Perseverance is their rekligion.

The true competitors, though, are the ones who always play to win. Belichick is his soul mate. Tom Brady would have been a Hall of Fame pitcher. Learn from the past.

Plan for the future.


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