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New McVeggie Burger by McDonalds Italy (2017)

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McDonald's releases a new secret burger that isn't visible on its menu... so would you try it?

And the idea of a Big Mac is genius, because its combination of beef, bread, lettuce, pickles, onions, a creamy sauce and gooey American cheese is fairly unbeatable. I could see evidence of char from the grill, but did my taste buds detect it? From the looks of it, the sesame seed-flecked bun had been toasted -- the inside surfaces bore browned traces -- but it was spongy and dry, and the bun-to-beef ratio was way, way, way out of whack.

But it looked good! That's all that counts! Come on, McDonald's, try harder. Spend some of that dough on pickles, and the investment will pay off. Long story short, I couldn't get out of there fast enough. And this is not a condemnation of all fast-food burgers. Yes, there's a price to pay. Besides, the world does not revolve around Special Sauce. My next free Saturday night? The film opens in the Twin Cities on Jan.

The couple met while Joan worked at the Criterion in St. Paul, and Ray was a frequent customer. It was introduced on April 22, in Uniontown, Penn. Delligati died in late November at the age of 98, and his obituary written by former New York Times restaurant critic William Grimes is fascinating. The Big Mac was an instantaneous smash original price: Delligati is also responsible for introducing the Hotcakes and Sausage breakfast meal to the chain. And in case you're wondering, yes, there is a Big Mac Museum.

And if you want to recreate Special Sauce at home, here's a tutorial. Delligati surely cleaned up financially, right? The company expressed its everlasting gratitude with a plaque. Do you have a favorite burger? Share the details at rick. Let's talk food, from restaurants and recipes to farmers markets, food issues and wine. Lee Svitak Dean and Rick Nelson will start the conversation.

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