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Bryan Carlstrom produced their self-titled debut. He had engineered albums by multi- platinum outfits The Offspring and Alice in Chains as well as producing labelmates Stavesacre.

The album was released in June and was well received. Schwab wrote lyrics about a wider variety of issues, rather than just focusing on personal expression with their sophomore release: Drawing Black Lines peaked at No. In , Project 86 teamed with Slayer producer Matt Hyde to record their next album.

Formatted as a concept album , it told the story of a character attempting to find fulfillment in modern culture. Truthless Heroes was released in September and peaked at No. Their first and only single, "Hollow Again", peaked at No.

In mid the band parted ways with Atlantic and their management team. The departure from Atlantic, in particular, was a big disappointment for the band. Work began on a new album after Hyde was convinced to produce again. The following year, Project 86 re-signed with their previous label, Tooth and Nail. The new version included 3 new tracks produced by Aaron Sprinkle and mixed by J. McNeely, several new mixes, and featured new artwork.

When Project 86 played their set, moshers threw mud everywhere and covered the stage and musical equipment. Thousands of dollars worth of musical equipment was damaged. And the Rest Will Follow. The band filmed the entire production and later released a DVD documentary entitled Subject to Change: To promote the album, Project 86 released a new song on PureVolume every Monday until the release date.

In March , Project 86 announced that Alex Albert had parted with the band on friendly terms to pursue other interests. In the end, 40 songs were amassed for the new record, but only ten were used. Rival Factions was released in June [46] and peaked at No.

Several tracks were recorded and mixed that were not included on Rival Factions. In early , the band returned to the studio with Martin and Ulrich Wild to record their seventh album, Picket Fence Cartel. Time was spent leisurely crafting the album; previous endeavors had been limited by deadlines. However, they did not entirely jettison their s influences as synthesizers percolated several songs. Schwab's lyrics focused on his belief that power and corruption often "run hand-in-hand when it comes to human souls.

The record was released in July and peaked at No. The album's songs spanned every studio album with the exception of the first. Randy Torres, who had been gradually becoming less involved in the band over the previous several albums, decided to officially leave the band in late to work for Tooth and Nail records, and later, Microsoft.

Steven Dail followed suit approximately one year later, citing the need to stop touring and be home with his family. Project 86 launched a Kickstarter campaign in December in an effort to "Make the fans the record label" after fulfilling their most recent contract with Tooth and Nail Records. Their eighth studio album titled Wait for the Siren was recorded in January and February Featuring all star guest appearances by: Described as Andrew Schwab's opus the record promises to be a fresh take on the P86 sound.

Schwab said, "On this record I was really able to take the reins of the creative process in a direction I was passionate about. I was able to write songs that pushed me to grow as an artist. It was also insanely fun to have so many of my friends involved in the process and at this point in the game that is what its about. I am really looking forward to people hearing this album.

Wait for the Siren was recorded and produced independently through fan support via the band's Kickstarter campaign. The album was officially released on August 20, In late , Project 86 announced that they were about to work on their ninth album which will also be released independently. Schwab announced that pre-production for a new album began on June 6 followed by a month-long recording session in Steelman Studios in Van Nuys, CA.

Matt McClellan and the band collaborated on production and Steve Evetts mixed the album. Dan Mumford is scheduled to do the artwork. With a career spanning nearly 20 years and selling over half a million records Andrew Schwab feels this album is a special landmark for P He says, "We have loved pushing the envelope of evolution on every Project 86 release and this record is no exception.

The inspiration behind this record is completely different and it's been incredible to write and record with such a talented group of guys. Project 86 indicated that the name of their new record will be Knives to the Future [ citation needed ] and will release on November 11, In , the band started a celebration for their 20th anniversary.

From October to October , while the band was writing and recording new music, they released 8 new songs total for pledgers who pre-ordered new album on PledgeMusic.

On October 9, , it was announced that a new album titled "Sheep Among Wolves" is to be oficially released on December 5, in celebration of their 20th anniversary as a band.

Project 86's music is characterized by heavy rock [70] and Schwab's "loud, eerie, and atmospheric" vocal style. The only rule is that there are no rules. If there is a rule, it's that we try not to over-think things, that the music that comes out is honest and real, spontaneous and from our heart. When Project 86 released their self-titled record, they were generally acknowledged to be a rapcore band.

The group strayed from the style for their fifth album And The Rest Will Follow , opting to flirt with melodies and harmonies. Vocalist Andrew Schwab has remained the band's lead lyricist. Schwab has said, "I don't want to be known or remembered as a positive band, but as a band that was sort of honest and had a quiet sense of hope. The song tells how a fan was inspired to leave a life of self-destruction.

I tried to approach it comically. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Project 86 Project 86 performing at Easterfest in Australia. Visible from left to right are: Alternative metal nu metal post-hardcore. Some Christians were concerned with the lyrics in Truthless Heroes ; in the first track, Little Green Men , Schwab yells "I don't need anybody, I don't need anyone, I don't need your guidance home! Allmusic writer Jo-Anne Greene called it "a hook-riven, keyboard driven number that sounds to be ripped right out of [a] Duran Duran songbook This section needs additional citations for verification.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. March Learn how and when to remove this template message. And the Rest Will Follow I Want Something You Have: Rival Factions the DVD Retrieved November 3, Archived from the original on September 23, Retrieved September 13, Retrieved October 28, Retrieved February 4, Interviewed by Trav Turner and Stephen Sarro.

As The Story Grows. Retrieved November 19, Retrieved April 4, Retrieved August 30, Retrieved 6 March But P86's old fans need not despair, there's hard rock and metalcore a-plenty Retrieved September 25, Retrieved October 22, And the Rest Will Follow review".

Retrieved October 23, Argyrakis, Andy July Retrieved September 24, Bryan Carlstrom official website. Retrieved May 22, Mann springt auf Polizeiauto herum.

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