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You can't improve your putting on off days by trying harder.

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Great golfers frequently disagree on certain principles, and that is perhaps one of the main reasons we keep everlastingly at it, grasping each new thought with the hope that perhaps we can solve the mystery. Francis Ouimet - A Game of Golf. I do hit it a long way. However, I don't care about that. I care about getting the ball in the hole the fastest. I just had a hard time with my pace. And if you have a hard time with your pace, it's hard to read greens.

Tiger Woods, World Match Play If a player can't aim the putter, then it doesn't matter how good the stroke is. There is a good chance that the putt is going to miss. If there's a key to being a good putter it's having a deep understanding of how to hit the ball squarely. Paul Runyan, Golf Professional and Teacher.

A good putter is somebody who hits the golf ball inside eight feet. In putting you are confronted by two truths difficult to reconcile. If you don't get the ball up it can't go in. But for each added bit of speed it has less of the hole to hit.

It's funny, when you feel good with the putter, the rest of your game starts clicking. Robert Allenby after adopting the claw grip. Al Geiberger, Golf Professional. I've relied on my putting more than people think. I've never been too technical. Just see the hole and hit the putt.. Players these days rarely miss from short distance and if you do, you just can't compete.

Tony Jacklin British Open and U. Putting is a fascinating, aggravating, wonderful, terrible and most incomprehensible part of the game of golf.

Putting is like wisdom — partly a natural gift and partly an accumulation of experience. Putting is the department of golf which lends itself to experimentation and the exploitation of pet theories. Putting is where it's at. You can drive it a mile, hook it on purpose, pitch it over a phone booth from 2 feet away, but if you can't roll it you aren't going to beat many people. Don Law, Golf Teacher. Reading a green is like reading the small type in a contract. If you don't read it with painstaking care, you are likely to be in trouble.

The easiest way to become less bad at golf is to become less bad at putting, and the easiest way to become less bad at putting is to become less bad at pitching. The finest way to putt is the way that gets the ball into the hole. And confidence is half the battle. Without it, putting is not merely difficult; it is impossible. Harry Vardon - How to Play Golf The guys in contention are holing putts and the guys who aren't, aren't. The only club in the bag specifically designed to get the ball in the cup is the putter.

Why not learn it first? The putter is very important. That's half the game in professional golf. There are three ways of learning golf: There is no faster way to lower scores and raise confidence in golf than to become a better putter.

Doug Pike, Houston Chronicle. There is no similarity between golf and putting; they are different games one played in the air, and the other on the ground. There is no tragedy in missing a putt, no matter how short. All have erred in this respect. When all is said and done, and whatever the method and whoever the man, successful putting surely must be a matter more of nerve than technique.

Pat Ward-Thomas, Golf Writer. When you inject the word 'Try' into golf, you'll start to feel like you're brushing your teeth left-handed.

It's been said a thousand times, and it's true: There is no place for conscious effort in golf. Without any question or debate good putting has won more matches and poor putting has lost more matches than any other single virtue or fault in golf.

You can always recover from a bad drive, but there's no recovery from a bad putt. You don't necessarily have to be a good golfer to be a good putter, but you have to be a good putter to be a good golfer. Hugh Grant - Actor. You take three putts through getting the distance wrong, not the direction. The Best of Henry Longhurst You take any top player, make them No. Feel in golf is the ability to decide on a putt of medium strength and then hit the ball with medium strength.

Gary Player Play Golf with Player No matter your scoring goals, you can attain them faster by improving your putting. Whatever the manufacturers say, nothing on earth can enlarge the sweetspot - but we can enlarge the area of forgiveness. Andrew Greig - Preferred Lies: A Journey to the Heart of Golf.

For most tour pros, good scoring comes down to making putts. Many players hit it great from tee to green. The winner's check usually goes to the player who is draining putts. Going Low by Patrick Cohn Ph. You can't read a putt until you know the speed you are going to hit it. Then if you don't hit at that speed, the read is no good. Peter Kostis Putting Secrets of the Pros. In putting, for example, the best putters in the world rely on their vision, imagination, and experience.

You can't reduce putting to a formula — it isn't like the problems you solved in high school physics or geometry. Too often a golfer will continue experimenting simply because he is too lazy to perfect a technique through practice.

Charles B Cleveland, Author. Effective practice should really fall into one of two categories: The key factor is to know very clearly which kind of practice you are undertaking at any given time. For lack of practice a golfer's putting remains uncertain and he continues to look for some magic putting system. Golfers think too much about holing their practice putts. Great putters like Horton Smith concentrate on their stroke when they practise.

They know if they are stroking the ball correctly, they will get their share of putts. I regret to say an instructor as a rule experiences the greatest difficulty in inducing a pupil to devote himself to putting. He is willing to admit its importance, but he fails to devote sufficient time to the task of mastering its details. J H Taylor - Taylor on Golf If for some reason the player does change his ball, he should make a point of practising with the ball until he is quite accustomed to it before he plays, otherwise he cannot expect to obtain a good result.

Willie Park Jnr If we don't know how to finish, what is the point in starting? That's why, for golfers of all levels, I always start our lessons with putting.

Dr Joe Parent Zen Putting. If you really want to learn how to putt, putt with only one ball. You putt and then you have to retrieve it. You have to get it before you can hit another putt. That's how you learn to putt. Once you start hitting more than one ball from the same spot you're wasting your time.

In golf, more harm comes from wrong teaching than from not being taught at all. Most players try to get better by working hard. Putting is not about long hours of work.

It's about the subconscious. She had to believe that she could make a putt. I had to get her to visualize making putts. One thing I don't spend a lot of time on is putting. That's a personal thing, but for me, putting is mainly about feel, not mechanics. I can practise my stroke all day long and it won't make a damned bit of difference if I don't have a feel for it. My Life In and Out of the Rough Practice without science or a system is like a pilot on a ship without a compass.

He knows not where he is going. The approach putt is an all-important shot - finishing near the hole it spares the player all the holing-out anxieties and jerky snatches. Robert Harris - Sixty Years of Golf. The teacher experiences no grave difficulty in having a student understand the importance of putting.

Getting them to practise it is quite another matter. There is a huge gap between intellectual understanding and physical feel. You bridge the gap with repeated execution. In other words, practice. There is no secret in golf that a teacher can give you. You have your own way, your own vision and your own feeling. If you practise constantly, that's the secret. They say practice makes perfect. For the vast majority of golfers it merely consolidates imperfection.

Henry Longhurst, Golf Writer. They say Sam Snead is a natural golfer. Gary Player on the necessity of practice. My personal opinion is that more men are good putters from practice than because they have any pronounced superiority, to begin with, over other men. Approaching a putt with doubt in your mind is nearly always fatal.

Bad putting is due more to the effect the green has upon the player than it has upon the action of the ball. Generally speaking if pressure starts to become an issue it will show up in putting and chipping first and then work its way back to the fuller shots.

Good putters believe they are good putters. I felt I was so mechanical I lost any type of intuition I had in putting. I had to get away from the mechanics of it and just roll the ball.

Joe Durant, Winner Funai Classic I honestly believe that with a strong mind, you can literally will the ball into the hole.

I need an attitude readjustment. I need to care a bit less about the game. You can't wait for the golf ball to make you feel happy because it ain't going to make you feel happy every day. Graeme McDowell Open Championship. I never missed a putt in my mind. I never pray to God to make a putt. I pray to God to help me react good if I miss a putt. I think good putters see the ball going in; bad putters see the ball staying out.

I made the putt. The ball missed the hole. If you worry about the ones you missed, you are going to keep missing them. A missed 18 inch putt can be more exhausting than a well-hit yard drive and the walk to the ball. Never berate yourself on the golf course.

It has disastrous results. Be your best friend out on the fairways. Staying positive can only do great things for your game. Norman Von Nida - The Von. Tour pros realize it, and it's why they tamp down imaginary spike marks after missing short putts.

Blaming outside agencies for a bad shot is much better for your frame of mind than telling yourself you're a lousy hack. On the putting green, the mind can be a grave source of trouble. Dave Pelz, Golf Teacher. The prime requisite for putting? Walter Travis, Renown Amateur Golfer. There's an old saying, 'It's a poor craftsman who blames his tools. Kathy Whitworth, Golf Professional.

To play well you must feel tranquil and at peace. I have never been troubled by nerves in golf because I felt I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. We know so much about technique that the last frontier in golf is mastering the mind. When a putter is waiting his turn to hole-out a putt of one or two feet in length, on which the match hangs at the last hole, it is of vital importance that he thinks of nothing.

At this supreme moment he ought studiously to fill his mind with vacancy. He must not even allow himself the consolations of religion. What separates great players from the good ones is not so much ability as brain power and emotional equilibrium. What we really want people to understand is that it is having fun putting and being creative and getting your mind out into the target rather than worrying about doing everything perfectly with your stroke itself.

Bob Rotella - Putt to Win. You can't improve your putting on off days by trying harder. The best move then is to ease up, lighten your grip and slow down the pace of the putter. You're only hurting yourself if you don't have an ultra-positive attitude about putting. It's so hard to get it close if all you're trying to do is get it close.

You've got to try and hole every putt. It's difficult to try your hardest and not care about the results. They contradict one another.

While putting makes up 40 percent of our strokes, it makes up 80 percent of the anguish. To maximise your performance on the course, never get over-excited after making a putt or distressed after missing a putt.

The Putter's Pocket Companion. Jim McLean and Fran Pirozzolo. Putt better and you'll gain confidence. Gain confidence and you'll putt better.

It's a magic circle. Hold your breath during the putting stroke. John Boland, writing in the Irish Independent , praised the original Single-Handed for its "taut and suggestive" screenplay.

The Drowning Man as also being a "superior drama" whilst "a sense of place was arrestingly captured, too". Gavin Corbett, writing in the Sunday Tribune , dismissed the original series as "an uninspired piece of writing brought to some sort of lugubrious half-life, superficially engaging for a while, but growing more and more ponderous and pofaced the longer it went on over its two nights".

The UK debut of Single-Handed received 4 million viewers which is a large viewership number. In fact it's more like biting into an apple only to find there's a worm in it".

And slow, not stupid. There wasn't even a hint of Irish whimsy about it. No-one's eyes twinkled, humorously. No fiddly jigs and reels drifted from the pub.

And no-one—praise be—mentioned the damned craic ". When Single-Handed eventually aired in the UK in , he noted the reactions of the British newspaper critics, remarking satirically on how " The Guardian ' s Sam Wollaston and The Independent ' s Tom Sutcliffe [20] couldn't contain their surprise that dark doings lurked behind the 'stunning scenery' of this Irish Hoirtbeat.

Faith and begorrah , lads, shure we're even in the EU". Owen McDonnell has been criticised for suggesting that alcoholism and depression are widespread in Connemara.

The episodes have been put together in manner customary for Danish TV series, and therefore have a length of around 90 to minutes DR uses no advertising. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 10 August Retrieved 6 November Irish Film and Television Network. Archived from the original on 8 April Retrieved 12 March Archived from the original on 17 February Retrieved 13 August

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